8 Things We Should Pay More Attention To In 2014

Thought Catalog

We learn that there are things we should ignore. We are taught to disregard the ignorant and hurtful manifestations of bullies’ reactions to their own internalized insecurities. We need to let their words roll off our shoulders like we are made of ice—don’t fuel the fire. The nonbelievers, the naysayers, the haters are people we need to ignore as well. They’re just wing-clippers, waiting below us with nasty ulterior motives, determined to never see us soar, eager to watch us fail. We ignore the pangs of pain rippling through waves of exhaustion as our lungs tighten and our hearts pump, desperate for more air, when we return to the gym after a longer than intended hiatus. We pretend not to hear the inappropriate comments of relatives at holiday dinners (within reason) because we’re so rarely together, it’s not worth tarnishing the quality of quality time. We ignore the behavior of…

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