The 12 Stages Of (Not) Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolution

Thought Catalog

1. Mull Phase

It’s been something you’ve been thinking about doing; something you’re capable of, something that would likely improve your life by leaps, bounds, and other ambiguous distance metrics. Something that would enable you to talk at parties with an unforseen confidence; “Yes, I’m doing the Paleo diet. Yes, I am exponentially better than you.

The mull phase strictly occurs in your mind. It’s the fantasy stage, the stage that someone at a TED Talk would likely refer to as the ideation stage. 

The key here is to only view the positives of your potential resolution. This way, you’ll be able to slowly delude yourself into thinking your resolution is something you’re actually capable of doing.

2. The Emotionally-Fueled Rash Decision

Usually occurs around the holidays, when those really depressing Silent Night drunk driving PSAs make you ponder your existence more than usual. This decision then, is…

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