25 Valuable Things I Learned By 25

Thought Catalog

1. We are the sum of our actions, our thoughts, our yeses and our nos. Someone once said, we are what we repeatedly do. So true.

2. Say yes to dessert. Unless you’ve already had dessert like three times that day.

3. Never use your phone while getting on a train at a Tube station, unless you want to be the girl that caused a 2-minute train delay on the Bakerloo line one fine Sunday night. After all, they did say to mind the gap!

4. No one can make you feel bad without your permission. That includes yourself.

5. Measure impact, not action. It’s about excellence, not perfection.

6. Pick up the phone. Our generation has this thing about not actually wanting to talk to each other.

7. Bookshelves make for an amazing 21st birthday present.

8. It’s totally ok to walk around a strange new city without a…

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