6 Little Habits That Are Making You Unhealthy (And How To Fix Them)

Thought Catalog

Instincts, shminstincts. Our bodies don’t know how to cope with our bad habits anymore. This year, instead of focusing on lofty goals and vague resolutions that you’re setting for the fifth year running, why not aim to work on a few little things you’re not even aware of doing?

1. Terrible Posture

Bad posture is all around you. If you are reading this on a subway train, look around. Look at the way people’s shoulders are either rolled forward or shrugged up from the cold. See heads that are looking down to the ground, and the slouch in everyone’s lower back as they sit. These are terrible habits that are the real reasons why we develop the posture that we associate with the elderly.

Some long-term effects of bad posture: Shoulders that are rolled forward mean that your back muscles are stretched out too much for very long periods of…

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