6 Little Habits That Are Making You Unhealthy (And How To Fix Them)

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Instincts, shminstincts. Our bodies don’t know how to cope with our bad habits anymore. This year, instead of focusing on lofty goals and vague resolutions that you’re setting for the fifth year running, why not aim to work on a few little things you’re not even aware of doing?

1. Terrible Posture

Bad posture is all around you. If you are reading this on a subway train, look around. Look at the way people’s shoulders are either rolled forward or shrugged up from the cold. See heads that are looking down to the ground, and the slouch in everyone’s lower back as they sit. These are terrible habits that are the real reasons why we develop the posture that we associate with the elderly.

Some long-term effects of bad posture: Shoulders that are rolled forward mean that your back muscles are stretched out too much for very long periods of…

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25 Valuable Things I Learned By 25

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1. We are the sum of our actions, our thoughts, our yeses and our nos. Someone once said, we are what we repeatedly do. So true.

2. Say yes to dessert. Unless you’ve already had dessert like three times that day.

3. Never use your phone while getting on a train at a Tube station, unless you want to be the girl that caused a 2-minute train delay on the Bakerloo line one fine Sunday night. After all, they did say to mind the gap!

4. No one can make you feel bad without your permission. That includes yourself.

5. Measure impact, not action. It’s about excellence, not perfection.

6. Pick up the phone. Our generation has this thing about not actually wanting to talk to each other.

7. Bookshelves make for an amazing 21st birthday present.

8. It’s totally ok to walk around a strange new city without a…

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Everybody Needs A Fish Bowl

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At the beginning of the year I was watching a Ted Talk about the Paradox of Choice. The basic concept is that even though it is better to have the possibility of choice, having too many options actually decreases happiness and satisfaction. Let’s imagine a fish bowl. It might look too confined for a fish. What if we dropped the fish into the Ocean? Its immensity will actually provoke paralysis.

I see myself in the middle of the Ocean, in this paradox of having several options regardless of any constraints, where I find myself incapable of taking any action or making a decision. Have you ever been to Rome? When you try to cross the street nobody seems to care about transit rules. You look right, left, front and you don’t know when or how to cross the street without being hit by a car or a scooter. Too many…

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The 12 Stages Of (Not) Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolution

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1. Mull Phase

It’s been something you’ve been thinking about doing; something you’re capable of, something that would likely improve your life by leaps, bounds, and other ambiguous distance metrics. Something that would enable you to talk at parties with an unforseen confidence; “Yes, I’m doing the Paleo diet. Yes, I am exponentially better than you.

The mull phase strictly occurs in your mind. It’s the fantasy stage, the stage that someone at a TED Talk would likely refer to as the ideation stage. 

The key here is to only view the positives of your potential resolution. This way, you’ll be able to slowly delude yourself into thinking your resolution is something you’re actually capable of doing.

2. The Emotionally-Fueled Rash Decision

Usually occurs around the holidays, when those really depressing Silent Night drunk driving PSAs make you ponder your existence more than usual. This decision then, is…

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23 Reasonable Things Every Person Should Resolve To Do In The New Year

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1. Not only focus on the inherently positive things that warrant gratitude but also the difficult things that were crucial for getting you to where you are now. Failure and loss are almost always pivotal redirects.

2. Stop annihilating yourself for having some self doubt, an off day, a not-so-picture-perfect past or uncertainty about what you want your future to look like. You don’t have to have it together all the time. You don’t always have to understand yourself, and nobody should expect you to, least of all yourself.

3. Take notes on your life. If you take a second to write down the little, otherwise insignificant things in your day that made you happy or upset you, especially if you seldom care to admit that they affected you, you’ll notice some pretty telling patterns about yourself.

4. Understand that the opposite of love is indifference. Re-evaluate your relationships with that…

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